Thursday, October 31, 2013

3 Months Old and Happy Halloween!

Our Duck Dynasty family!

A little less than thrilled, ha ha!

Age: 3 months old :)

Birthday: July 31, 2013

Weight: ???  I'm dying to know how much our little chunk weighs!  His next doctor's appointment is December 6th for his 4 month check up.  I guess the mystery will continue until then.

Length: ???  I haven't measured him but I know that he is getting LONG!  He's outgrowing his clothes in length, not belly size :)

Sleep: Little Truman is a great sleeper!  Since about 11-12 weeks he has been sleeping through the night. 

My Bedtime: We finally have a great bedtime routine established!  At 9 we head upstairs and start bath time which he has come to love.  He just looks around, smiles and coo's during his bath.  Still using Burt's Bee's Baby Bee body wash and shampoo.  I love the subtle scent and it's very gentle on his super sensitive skin.  After bath time, we rub him down with bedtime lotion, put on a clean diaper and pj's and his swaddle.  Then its time for his last bottle.  He is drinking about 4 oz at a time now.  Sometimes more but not usually.  After his bottle, we snuggle for a few minutes just until he gets drowsy.  He has started falling asleep quickly, but I try to get him in his crib before he is all the way asleep.  He usually takes his paci for a few minutes but then spits it out.  He sleeps until about 5 or 6 and then is up for the day.  He is in a great mood in the morning and has started "talking" in his crib when he wakes up instead of crying.  I love listening to him...seriously the sweetest sound ever.  

Favorite Toy: He loves his sock monkey!  It's one of the few toys he pays any attention to.  He has also started to be more interested in a little rattle.  It's small and he can hold it which I think he enjoys. 

Clothes Size: He can still squeeze into some of his 3 month clothes and 0-3, but they are getting snug.  He is so long!!  Most of his 3 month aren't long enough so we are just now venturing into 3-6 month.  They are a little big but at least give him more room to kick around and stretch. 

Diaper Size: Size 1 in Pampers Swaddlers, but will be moving to size 2 very soon!

Milestones Reached: This past Sunday, on October 27th, he rolled over for the first time!  From tummy to back.  He did it twice and looked quite surprised with himself each time.  Super cute!  He seems to be enjoying tummy time more.  I think it must be cool to have a new perspective and view.  He also laughed for the first time yesterday!  It was so sweet.  I had him at work visiting and one of my co-workers made him laugh.  It was the sweetest thing, we all ended up in tears!!  I can't wait to hear him laugh again, and for Chris to hear him.  He has laughed in his sleep a few times and we crack up over that :)

Firsts: Truman had his first day of daycare and Mommy went back to work!  For the first couple of days I was back at work my Mom kept him at home for me.  What a blessing that was!  Very nice for me to be able to ease back into a schedule and not have to worry about getting him to daycare for a couple of days.  She came to our house so that made my first couple of mornings much easier.  I was so extremely nervous about getting ready in the morning and being to work on time.  Chris leaves the house super early so it's just me and the little man most days.  His first day of daycare was BRUTAL.  I literally cried almost the entire morning.  We have come a long way since then!  Hard to beleive that was only 3 weeks ago.  I can't say enough good things about our daycare.  The girls there are wonderful, they love and kiss on Truman like he was their own.  They are taking great care of him and he's always happy and clean when I pick him up.  It's nice because it's only 3 minutes from our house, and about 10 minutes from my work.  I can easily stop by and visit him when I want to.  Makes it much easier on this Mama knowing he is so close and in good hands!!    

Best Mood: Truman is definitely the best baby ever :)  Ha ha, I'm not biased at all!  But really, it seems like he's in a good mood all the time now!  He is generally happy in the mornings when he wakes up and throughout the day.  Some days he gets a little cranky at night but that's usually after being at daycare all day and he's tired.  We joke about it being "witching hour" when he gets fussy at night.  I guess with all the activity at daycare, he doesn't sleep much there.  Too much going on!  He has to keep an eye on all the other babies :)  We are so blessed with Truman, each day gets better and better.  His sweet smile makes everything worth it.  We would do it all over again in a heartbeat!