Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Our little Truman as Cupid!

Chris was out of town the week before Valentines Day, so I had some time on my hands.  During that week I got Valentine's Day pictures of Truman taken to surprise Chris with.  I ended up using a couple of them and making Chris a card on snapfish.  If you've never used that website you should check it out.  It's user friendly and there are so many cute, free templates to choose from!  Chris loved his card!!   
The pictures turned out so cute, I have to share!!  How she managed to get these pictures I will never know because he was a complete grump the whole time.  If you ever need a photographer, check out Amy at Moements Photography.  She is great and always so patient with Truman.  Somehow she always manages to capture his personality regardless of his mood!  We love her :)


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