Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Our little Truman as Cupid!

Chris was out of town the week before Valentines Day, so I had some time on my hands.  During that week I got Valentine's Day pictures of Truman taken to surprise Chris with.  I ended up using a couple of them and making Chris a card on snapfish.  If you've never used that website you should check it out.  It's user friendly and there are so many cute, free templates to choose from!  Chris loved his card!!   
The pictures turned out so cute, I have to share!!  How she managed to get these pictures I will never know because he was a complete grump the whole time.  If you ever need a photographer, check out Amy at Moements Photography.  She is great and always so patient with Truman.  Somehow she always manages to capture his personality regardless of his mood!  We love her :)


Thursday, February 5, 2015

32 Weeks (8 Months down and 8 weeks to go!)

Chris has been out of town this week for a work training so it's just been me and the little guy!  We've had a great week, got a few things done around the house but mostly just played and had good bonding time in the evenings.  I captured a selfie this week while Truman is was in the tub :)  I am feeling great.  This pregnancy has been so similar to Truman's.  I've had a tad more swelling this time around but I think it's just because I am constantly on my feet.  Aside from that all is well.  I am now going to the doctor every 2 weeks and soon it will be every week!  It has truly flown by.  This little guy is a constant mover.  I will certainly miss that feeling once he is here. 

I love Truman's little head poking up in the background :)  We've had a great week, but we are both ready for Daddy to be home!  Really looking forward to this weekend!  Chris is finally off so we are heading out on Saturday for a day trip to Lexington.  We are buying baby furniture from a good friend of ours to furnish little babe's room!  I'm SO excited to get furniture in there so I can start organizing and putting things away.  We don't have a lot left to do to the room.  But before moving in the furniture we have to do some very minor touch up painting, clean the ceiling fan and shampoo the carpet.  Sounds like we are going to have a wild Friday night, huh?  :)  We had so much more done when I was this far along with Truman, but having him to chase after has slowed down the process this time.  It's crunch time though!  My goal is to finish the nursery this month.  We are hoping to have March to finish a few other things around the house and most of all enjoy the last month we will have as a family of 3.  Hoping to squeeze in a trip to the aquarium with Truman.  He has never been and we thought a trip with just the 3 of us would be nice before we have our newest family member to bring along!  We are so excited for him to get here, but also want to spoil Truman just a little bit since he's about to lose his only child status.  :)

On a sweet note for Valentine's Day, I made up this delish Valentine's Day popcorn mix last night.  It's so easy to make it could get dangerous.  You just spread out Rice chex, popcorn, pretzel sticks, and mixed peanuts on a piece of foil.  Then drizzle melted white chocolate on top and cover with festive sprinkles.  You've been's highly addictive!  

Have a great weekend friends!