Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have officially had our first big holiday as a family!  And what a great one it was :) We spent the day at my grandma's and Truman put on quite the show!  He was talkative all day and seemed happy being the center of attention.  As it goes, we ate too much food and had a wonderful day with our family.  Something about little Truman in our lives has made me so emotional during the holidays.  I feel so fortunate to have had him; with each day, my love grows for him even more.  Chris and I are beyond happy with our growing family.  I look forward so much to all the years ahead and the traditions we will create together. 

Bald and beautiful :)

4 generations

Slept right through the turkey dinner!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tis the Season!

I've been inspired by other blogs I follow, and I am going to follow suit and create a holiday checklist!  This might be a little ambitious...but I do love the holidays and want to make them extra special this year since it will be little Truman's first Christmas.  Obviously he won't know the difference, but I will!  Besides, having him around makes everything better!!  So, here it goes!!
  • Pick and cut a real Christmas tree (we did this last year and it was exhausting fun!!!)
  • Have a festive brunch with friends
  • Enjoy Festivus at my sisters house (has become a favorite, if you aren't aware of all Festivus has to offer please see here.)
  • Have a holiday movie marathon (Elf, Home Alone, The Family Stone, ect.) with the fireplace roaring
  • Wear Christmas pj's while doing the above
  •  Have a candy making day with the usual suspects
  • Brave Black Friday and then have a great breakfast with my boys
  • Mail Christmas cards with Truman's precious little face on them
  • Create a happy holiday chalkboard display
  • Participate in our local Shop with a Cop (charity event)
  • Take Truman to our old fashion Twilight Christmas parade and to see Santa for the first time
  • Take tons some pictures of above
  • Take Truman on his first flight!  Going to Rochester, New York in December to visit Chris's family :)
  • Find new stockings for the 3 of us!  Hopefully monogrammed!!!
  • Put the dogs in their fabulous Christmas sweaters
  • Listen to my favorite Christmas tunes while decorating
  • Secret Santa at work
  • Make a special treat for Chris to take to his co-workers
  • Finish decorating, shopping, stressing, cleaning, cooking, in plenty of time to enjoy what will be our best Christmas ever :) 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veteran's Day Daddy!

Baby Tru helped me make a Veteran's Day dinner for his Daddy!  Chris was in the Navy for 11 years, so Veteran's Day will always be a big deal in our house :)  We celebrated with grilled porterhouse, fried red potatoes, and steamed veggies!  It was a big hit!