Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tis the Season!

I've been inspired by other blogs I follow, and I am going to follow suit and create a holiday checklist!  This might be a little ambitious...but I do love the holidays and want to make them extra special this year since it will be little Truman's first Christmas.  Obviously he won't know the difference, but I will!  Besides, having him around makes everything better!!  So, here it goes!!
  • Pick and cut a real Christmas tree (we did this last year and it was exhausting fun!!!)
  • Have a festive brunch with friends
  • Enjoy Festivus at my sisters house (has become a favorite, if you aren't aware of all Festivus has to offer please see here.)
  • Have a holiday movie marathon (Elf, Home Alone, The Family Stone, ect.) with the fireplace roaring
  • Wear Christmas pj's while doing the above
  •  Have a candy making day with the usual suspects
  • Brave Black Friday and then have a great breakfast with my boys
  • Mail Christmas cards with Truman's precious little face on them
  • Create a happy holiday chalkboard display
  • Participate in our local Shop with a Cop (charity event)
  • Take Truman to our old fashion Twilight Christmas parade and to see Santa for the first time
  • Take tons some pictures of above
  • Take Truman on his first flight!  Going to Rochester, New York in December to visit Chris's family :)
  • Find new stockings for the 3 of us!  Hopefully monogrammed!!!
  • Put the dogs in their fabulous Christmas sweaters
  • Listen to my favorite Christmas tunes while decorating
  • Secret Santa at work
  • Make a special treat for Chris to take to his co-workers
  • Finish decorating, shopping, stressing, cleaning, cooking, in plenty of time to enjoy what will be our best Christmas ever :) 

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