Saturday, August 2, 2014

Truman's 1st Birthday Party!

Of course, sock monkey was the theme of Truman's first birthday!  We were lucky enough to have Chris's family in town to help us celebrate which is a real treat considering they traveled from NY to KY for the occasion.  I really enjoyed making his birthday cake.  My Grandma helped me to figure out the design of the cake using her very own cake pans.  We decided it would be the easiest, and cutest to just do the hat for his smash cake!  I think they turned out great!!  Everyone loved them.  I yellow cake for the big one, and funfetti for his cake :) We kept it simple and didn't have food, just cake and homemade ice cream.  We had vanilla and banana, hard to choose between them because they are both SO good!!  We really enjoyed the day and focused on celebrating one year of baby Truman!  The kids enjoyed the weather, we had a water slide and pool set up in the back yard so it was a perfect afternoon.  I know it won't be long and we'll be planning this again next year!