Sunday, March 31, 2013

22 Weeks!

Happy Easter!  Yay!!  22 weeks!  This is an especially exciting week since we have our mid pregnancy anatomy scan scheduled for this Friday afternoon :)  I'm so anxious to see our little baby boy again.  Hard to believe that if all goes well, this will be the last time we see him until he decides he's ready to come into the world!  August 4th is quickly approaching and I feel happier and more excited all the time!  We are hopeful that everything looks good on this ultrasound and that he is developing and growing like he should.  According to my weekly tracker, he is the size of a papaya this week and weighs a little over a pound.  What a heavyweight!  :)

22 weeks

Not my favorite picture, but Cali is so adorable I had to include it, ha ha!

We also have a busy weekend planned!  I work part of the day on Saturday, then it's off to Lexington for a 1st birthday party :)  Should be fun!  Would be nice to have Sunday to relax, but instead we are going to try to paint the nursery.  Chris is hoping to finish the wainscoting this week so we can paint our little hearts out on Sunday.  Hopefully I'll be posting finished pictures of the nursery soon and we can start furnishing and decorating!! 

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