Saturday, December 14, 2013

Truman's first flight!

Oh the places we will go!  Despite the amount of preparation and stress that goes into planning- I do love traveling and taking Truman everywhere we go!  As he grows and gets older I can only imagine all the fun places we will take him.  We decided that it would only be appropriate for his first flight to be to Rochester, New York; Chris's hometown.  It's about an 8 to 9 hour drive from where we live but we decided that since Truman can fly for free until he is 2, we will take advantage of it until then.  If we drove, we would have to stop half way and stay the night going and coming.  There's just no way around it with him still being so small.  So up, up and away we went!  I worried for days before about how he would do...and of course, he did great!  We had a few brief moments of trying to keep him quiet but aside from that he slept almost the entire time.  This was quite an accomplishment since we had connecting flights both ways.  AND...the weather was terrible so we were VERY delayed.  We should have arrived about 11am but instead made it about 4:30pm.  We sat on the runway for a long time waiting to be de-iced and take off.  All in all though- it was a great trip!  His Rochester family had a great time spoiling him while we were there :)
At CVG bright and early about to head to Rochester!

Baby's first flight!

With his Uncle Anthony

With his Great Grandma Decoste

With his Great Aunt Denise

Our tiny king!

Loving hotel life!

Meeting his Great Grandma Elie!

Meeting Santa for the first time!

I have a TON more pictures on our good camera that I want to upload soon.  These are just my iPhone pics from the trip!  So so many pictures at all times, ha ha ha!

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