Monday, February 3, 2014

Homemade Baby Food

 After a lot of consideration and research, I decided I wanted to make Truman's baby food.  It just seemed silly to pay for jars of baby food, that have been sitting on a shelf for who knows how long, loaded with preservatives, when I could make it myself!   We have fed him cereal at dinner for about a week now and he has done great with that so we wanted to switch it up!  We are starting with orange vegetables, then plan on going to green veggies, and then fruits last.  Chris and I wanted him to have carrots first and then sweet potatoes so that is what I prepared this weekend!  It really was so easy and only took a couple of hours to do all of it!  I washed and peeled the carrots, boiled them until soft, drained, and then pureed them in my food processor.  Then spooned them into ice trays, froze them for several hours, and popped them out into freezer bags.  Did the exact same with the sweet potatoes.  Now we have many meals stored away and ready for him to enjoy.  All we have to do is thaw a cube out in the morning.  I saved some of the carrots and fed him those Saturday night.  He LOVED them!  It's so exciting to see the expression on his face as he discovers new tastes and textures.  We are sticking with carrots for a few days to make sure he does okay, and then will switch him to sweet potatoes.  After that I think we will venture into avocados and peas. 


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