Saturday, January 31, 2015

Truman 18 Months

It's embarrassing how long it's been since I've done a solid update on Truman.  There is so much happening and changing in our house all the time, it's hard to keep up; let alone write about it.  He is the best and more fun each and every day.  So here we go!  Already at 18 months old!!

 Age: 18 months

Birthday: July 31, 2013

Weight: 23 pounds 

Length: 32 inches tall!  We are excited to start looking for a new car seat for him!  Can't wait to see how much he enjoys riding forward instead of rear facing.

Sleep: Truman sleeps like a boss.  He is usually ready for bed between 6:30 and 7:30, although there have been a few nights when the little dare devil has made it until 8!  What what! He sleeps throughout the night until about 6 or 7 the next morning.  There are times we hear him cry out in the middle of the night, but he goes right back to sleep. During the day, he takes about a 2 hour nap and that's it.  He has pretty much given up on morning and afternoon naps.  Now it's usually just one midday nap.  Too much going on to be sleeping all day :)

My Bedtime: His bedtime routine has been the same for several months now.  Between 6:30 and 7 we start bath time which he still really enjoys.  He does not however enjoy having his hair washed.  It's pretty amusing to see him fight the water the entire time you are sudsing him up.  He enjoys his toys, which now are beakers leftover from his Halloween costume as a mad scientist :)  After bath it's lotion, diaper, clean pj's and milk.  We read books sometimes at bedtime, but not always because they seem to get him excited instead of calming him down.  He has his milk and then he's ready to be in bed.  He's not much on cuddling unless he's really tired.  He has been on a sippy cup since he turned one year old.  It was no big deal either, I just put the bottles all up and gave him a cup and he was happy with it.  He liked the sippy cups with the soft top at first, but now he uses anything.  He especially loves to drink out of a straw or straight from a regular cup like a big boy!  We still use the white noise at night and I think we will for awhile.  It drowns out other noises in the house and traffic which I think helps him sleep better.  We will definitely be investing in one of these for the new baby.    

Favorite Toy:  At the moment, Truman is loving playing with over sized Lego's that he got for a Christmas gift!  It's adorable watching him stack them up.  He also likes the broom and dustpan, his blocks, and really anything he can tear apart.  He is pretty easily entertained.  I can't wait for it to warm up outside.  Now that he is walking running EVERYWHERE, outside will be a whole new world for him.  He took his first steps on September 12th and has been in a near sprint ever since :)  He also loves his little red wagon and going for rides in our neighborhood when it's nice out.  Can't wait to welcome spring this year!!  And it's not really a toy, but Chris and I got him a bird feeder for Christmas.  Chris hung it right outside our living room window which is the perfect height for him to watch them eat and fly around.  He LOVES it!  We can be anywhere in the house and you can say, "let's go see the birds!" and he will take off hauling ass to the living room.  Cutest thing ever :)  

Clothes Size: He is still in a very few 12 months clothes, but mostly 12-18.  The 18 month clothes are still too big but 12-18 seems to fit him well for now. 

Diaper Size: Still in size 4 in Pampers Swaddlers.  I bought 2 boxes of size 5 in anticipation of moving to the next I'm starting to wander if we will ever use them!
Milestones Reached: I think walking was the biggest milestone for us recently.  Also giving up bottles and going to the sippy cup and most recently giving up the pacifier. 

Firsts: There have been lots of firsts in the last few months.  Walking was of course the biggest one!  He has also been without his paci for a couple of weeks!  He and the paci were getting pretty inseparable.  We hadn't really decided we were going to take it away from him, but I laid him down for bed one night and accidentally didn't give it to him.  This has happened only one time before.  That time he did fine without it all night, but when he saw it the next morning of course he wanted it.  So this time, after I realized I didn't give it to him, I hid them all and it's been no big deal! He had a little trouble with his daytime naps but aside from that it has been a breeze.  We are SO lucky with him!!  The funny part is that is seems like since we put it up, he has been talking non stop!!  Chris and I laugh all the time at his constant jabbering.  It's so adorable and he's saying a lot of new words now.  He can say, Daddy, dog, cheese, shoe, sock, bird, tweet, woof, juice, and I'm probably forgetting a few others.  He is STILL toying with saying Momma.  Maybe someday...  He also has 5 teeth with another coming through on the top!  Seems like it took forever for them to pop through and now he's getting a new one all the time!   

Best Mood:  Always!  Happy in the morning, during the day!  Almost all the time!  The only time he fusses is when it's getting close to bedtime and he's tired.  I can't blame him though!


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