Saturday, February 23, 2013

Football, Fishing, and Power Tools!

At Baby Belly Spa in Lexington, Kentucky

Baby Elie is a BOY!!!  I had my sneaky suspicions...not for any good reason, I just felt like baby was a boy.  Chris was pretty indifferent until those last few days before the ultrasound.  By then he had convinced himself baby was a girl!  Despite our instincts, baby's gender really didn't matter to us.  We are just so thrilled to finally know!  Seems like maybe it's starting to feel a bit more "real."

Moments before we knew!
For anyone even considering going to Baby Belly, I can't say enough good things about it!  They are so kind and welcoming there.  We of course took an entourage with us.  My mom and one of my sisters, a couple nieces, and a couple friends joined us for the exciting ultrasound.  We all went into the room together and got to watch the ultrasound on a big screen together.  It made the whole experience so much more special and personal.  Our technician really spent time telling us about the baby, and pointing out arms and other features before the big reveal!  I really thought my heart would explode when I first saw him.  This was our first ultrasound since 6 weeks and wow how things have changed!!  As soon as I saw that blurry image that resembled a baby, the tears rolled and didn't stop until after the visit :)  Sounds silly but I have been SO lucky and not had any morning sickness; I guess because of that I haven't really "felt" pregnant.  Strange but I thought, wow, that is a baby!  I guess I am doing this right!  The look on Chris's face was priceless, it warms my heart to see him so happy and excited about our new addition.  I could see visions of football, fishing, and power tools with his little guy dancing through his head.     

After our ultrasound we went to lunch at Carrabba's and then on to shop and make our first purchases for baby boy!  It didn't take long for us to get a good start on his wardrobe!  We spent most of our time at Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us!  So much fun to browse through everything "baby" and let it sink in that this is really happening!  I've never been so, without further adieu, Baby Boy Elie!

His sweet little profile

He's showing off his big strong arms!

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