Monday, March 25, 2013

21 Weeks and I Can Feel Baby Move!

Geez how is time going so fast!?  Already 21 weeks :)  It seems like it's crunch time now because I really want to be finished with the nursery in time to start working outside in the yard!  That's a hefty goal considering we have only just begun!  And our to do list is only getting longer, ha ha!  Oh well, I know it will all get done!

The highlight of this week has already come!  This morning I was sitting at my desk checking emails and getting ready for the week.  It was about 10am when I felt a little flip in my stomach!  I sat quietly for a few minutes hoping this time I was right and I was really feeling him move around!  Sure enough it happened a couple more times.  I called Chris and shared the good news with him.  He was so excited and I know will be over the moon when he can feel him move too!  We are so excited and it's feeling more real everyday!! 
21 weeks

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