Wednesday, May 8, 2013

27 Weeks!

What a fun weekend we had!  In true Kentucky style we went to the 139th Kentucky Derby.  We've been several times but the excitement of it all never gets old :)  This year we took my best friend, Noel who had never been.  It's even better when you have a Derby virgin with you!  My sister, Patricia, as always was the hostess with the mostess!  Her cooking was what I looked forward to the entire week!
27 Weeks!

Cheesecake on a stick....devil.

People watching at it's finest.
How cute is she with her feather fascinator!?

Our crew for the weekend :)

Still can't get over hit outfit.  My favorite :)

So excite!

Neil and Trish

The cutest hat EVER that I have conned my sweet mother in law into making for Baby Boy!

All in all it's been another great week.  Unfortunately, Chris has been sick for part of it and I think now I am catching a cold. time for sickness though!  I've been busy working outside in flower beds and getting the garden planted.  Will post pictures of that next week.  We have a fun weekend ahead.  Chris graduates Friday night and we are celebrating on Saturday afternoon with friends!!  All the motivation I need to get the house and yard looking good! 

Can't believe next week will begin the 3rd trimester!  WOW!!!!!  It really won't be long and we'll be meeting this little guy!  So much to look forward to.  When I think I can't be any happier, somehow I am. 

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