Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A very productive 26th week!

Poor little Chris let the cat out of the bag this week that he "might" be not so secretly looking forward to me being miserable and losing my energy!  Ha ha, what a little devil he is!  He has realized that is the only way he will get to relax before Baby E arrives.  I guess it's understandable though considering the fact that I have worked him and myself like a dog the last several days.  OH how much we've gotten accomplished though!  And that makes for a happy mama :)  Over our long weekend, with the help of my brother we tore down the old nasty fence in our backyard and completely built the new one.  I seriously CANNOT wait for new patio furniture and flowers so that our total backyard transformation is complete!  Check out our diy job, pretty darn impressive for no experience whatsoever in doing this type of project before.  My hubby is the shiz!

More photo's to come after I get flowers out!  My goal is to have the yard "show" ready by May 10th since I am having a party for Chris on the 11th.  He graduates with his Associate's Degree from MCTC on the 10th and I am determined to throw him a big party before we go from a couple to a family.  And he MOST DEFINITELY deserves it.  He has seriously busted his ass to get this degree and held down his crazy work schedule the entire time.  So, cheers to him!!

Also in big news this week, I finished painting the nursery!  WOOHOO!!!!!  BIG sigh of relief that was :)  I'm so happy to have the room cleaned and paint cans and drop clothes put up!  We now have the crib together and moved in, bedding washed and ironed and on looking adorable, and the dresser will be put together this weekend.  Curtains are up and perfect.  I'm dying to post more pics but I think I'll wait and post the final product this time!

As you can tell by our busy selves, I'm still feeling great!  I had a couple days this week where I felt a hair nauseous but I really think I was just tired.  We've started sleeping with a fan at night which is helping me sleep so much better and I feel better during the day.  Baby E moves around all the time now and it seems like there are days where he has the hiccups all day!  Chris finally got to feel him early Sunday morning while we were still laying in bed.  It was of course thanks to the hiccups!  I was so happy he finally got to share with me what I've been feeling.  We learned at my last doctor's appointment that I have an anterior placenta which basically means that the placenta is between the baby and the outside of my stomach on the front of my uterus.  Normally is is located towards the back of the uterus.  Because of this, a lot of his movements may not be felt.  So for now I'm enjoying every little flip!  We have an exciting week ahead.  Heading to the Kentucky Derby this weekend for a fun weekend with my sister and brother in law and their friends.  Also bringing along a friend of our own :)  Should be a good time for everyone!! 
26 weeks!

Chris was feeling left out :)

99 bottles of beer on the wall!  Oh wait...

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