Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Life's a Garden...Dig It!

I'm so happy to share the final pictures (for now) of our backyard!  I definitely should have taken more before pictures so you can see the difference I see, but of course, that is always an after thought.  Nonetheless, you will hopefully be able to see improvement. 

The right side of our yard- pre fence.

What the entire left side looked like.  Vines galore!

View from our backdoor

Thanks for the new table sis :)

New fire pit!  Bring on the s'mores :)

Succulent planter

My favorite addition...aside from the fence!

Tomato and onion garden

Peppers and broccoli

We are loving our new and improved space!  Now if we could just get the weather to cooperate we could enjoy it!

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