Sunday, June 16, 2013

31 Weeks!

31 weeks.
 Wow I am so behind!!  Sorry it's been so long since I've posted.  I am actually 33 weeks today but I'm going to backtrack a little.  A lot has happened over the last couple weeks!  We've had two wonderful baby showers!  The first was actually at our house, my sister Patricia hosted it.  It was on June 2nd.  It was a BaBy-Q :)  We spent a casual afternoon with friends and family in our backyard, it was an awesome day!  My brother in law grilled burgers and sausages and we of course had all the cookout fix-ins!  It was a wonderful time and we ended the day by making homemade banana ice cream in our new ice cream maker on the front porch.  I had been craving that for awhile!!  It was so exciting to start getting things for our sweet baby.  It feels more and more real everyday!  I'm so happy that we got the nursery finished so early, because it has been a breeze organizing and putting things away after our showers.  As soon as a couple of tiny finishing touches are complete, I will post pictures of his room!  Hopefully by next weekend we will be totally ready for Baby Elie!

In Baby news, my 30 week appointment was somewhat eventful!  Up until now I have been measuring exactly like I should.  Blood pressure has been great and no weight gain...until now, ha ha!  I knew my luck was running out :)  At my 30 week check up I had gained my first 3# and apparently he had a major growth spurt.  He measured 34 weeks!!!  I about choked when the doctor said that!  He didn't seem at all concerned, considering mine and Chris's birth weight (9.5 and 8.5) we are expecting a big baby.  My mom and all my sisters all have had 8, 9, even 10 pound babies so I don't expect him to be small.  Even still...4 weeks ahead was a little overwhelming to me!  He did say that the measurement could be off if he is still breech, so we will wait until the next appointment in 2 weeks to see what he measures then!       

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