Friday, June 28, 2013

34 Weeks! Only 6 weeks left (we hope!)

34 weeks!
 We've had another great week!  This Sunday we had another awesome baby shower!  My boss at work, Peg and my co-worker Melissa threw this one for us.  We have been so fortunate to have 3 baby showers!!  People have been so generous in showering us with love and support, and especially the things we need to get Baby E off on the right foot.  This shower was at Peg's house which was so nice!  We had great food and of course, got more awesome gifts for Baby E.  He now has the set up!  Ha ha, but really.  As soon as he is fully cooked he can come anytime because we are so ready for him!  We were thrilled to get his swing, some storage baskets, and of course more adorable outfits :)

My work crew!
 We have had a busy week educationally as well!  This past Saturday we had childbirth education class and then Tuesday night we had breastfeeding and newborn care class.  It sounds bad but I wasn't sure how much I would get out of these because I feel like all I do is read and try to educate and prepare myself.  I was pleasantly surprised!  I felt at ease after the childbirth education class.  I was happy to get a tour of the labor and delivery floor where we will be and to learn more about the various stages.  I guess my biggest goal is to try and practice relaxation techniques.  I do plan on getting an epidural but I want to wait as long as possible before I do.  Once the epidural is in place, I will be tied to the bed and unable to move around or walk.  I have calming music for us to listen to and Chris will be my number one masseuse!  I also plan on using the birthing ball.  I want to be mobile for as long as possible so that's why I will try to wait as long as I can. 

Watching the video's of newborns made me so anxious for him to get here.  I tear up every time I think about it.  I wander what it will feel like when we see him for the first time and finally get to hold him...I hope for a safe delivery for him and for me and for it to be as pleasant as it can be...I cry every time I think about Chris seeing his brand new baby son for the first time and the thought of just us becoming a family of three melts my heart.  I guess my pregnancy hormones are finally showing up!  Ha ha, I don't feel like I've been that emotional until now.

Breastfeeding and newborn care class was great too!  I guess I am most intimidated by breastfeeding but I think I have prepared myself all I can and I know who to call if I need help!  Chris and I were pro's at bathing our baby and dressing him in the class!  We won a pack of diapers with our record time of 8 minutes :)

Mock Baby E!

The doctor's visit went well this week too.  I'm now only measuring a little over a week ahead.  So bizarre!  Blood pressure is still good!  I'm up 8# now so hopefully it doesn't pile on in the next few weeks.  I haven't been doing as great as I was at eating healthy, so I am making a better effort now!  Chris and I went and took a long walk at the park with the dogs last night which they loved.  So I'm going to try to start walking more in the evenings!  This weekend we are looking forward to having our maternity pictures taken, a pool party with friends, and my great grandmother's 101st birthday!!!!!  Yes, you heard right....101!  That's reason to celebrate folks :)  Hope you all have a great weekend! 

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