Wednesday, July 24, 2013

38 Weeks & Getting Anxious!

Like I've said this whole pregnancy...I can't believe how fast this has gone!  We have been so lucky with this little guy.  He has already been so good to his Mama.  I have loved being pregnant with him and am going to miss it, but I cannot wait to get my hands on him :)  It's surreal to think that soon we will meet our baby.  

We've had another awesome week.  We continued celebrating my birthday with friends on Thursday night.  It was great to enjoy one of the last few times we'll be out without Baby Elie.  We have the best friends and I think they are all almost just as excited as we are for him to arrive! 

29th birthday celebration with Helen and Aileen :)
 We also toured our area daycare's and decided where we will be sending him when I go back to work.  It was a relief to get that accomplished.  We were really impressed with the one we chose, they have great security and the people there seemed wonderful.  I also am close to several people that have only good things to say about it.

Last Friday's doctor's appointment was an exciting one!  I had lost a pound which made me happy and blood pressure is still great.  I have started having some cramping in my lower back and across the bottom of my stomach, I can't say that they are contractions but I guess I'm also not sure they aren't.  Hard to tell when you don't know what to expect!  I let them know this and per my request, they did check me!  Good news is I am dilated a fingertip, 40% effaced, and he is at a -2 station, meaning he is very low.  The doctor could feel his head!  Wow, that made it seem real, real fast!  Ha ha :)  Also measuring 40 weeks.  Unfortunately Chris had to work so he missed out on all the excitement but my Mom went with me.  It was her first time coming with me to the doctor so I think she enjoyed it and was excited to hear his heartbeat.  The doctor said he didn't think anything would happen over the weekend but that maybe I wouldn't make my next appointment! far, we are still here!  My next appointment is on Friday again (in 2 days) so it's looking like I'll make that one.  No signs of labor here.  Still just occasional cramping, but at least that is a good sign and hopefully means my body is preparing!

So, all in all things are still good.  I'm trying to stay busy so I'm not constantly thinking about when/ where/ how will baby decide to come.  Chris's parent's got here over the weekend.  His Dad stayed a couple of nights with us but has since gone back to NY.  His Mom is with us and will be until Baby is here!  We are all so excited for him to get here...but we are obviously working on his time, ha ha!  We celebrated Chris's Mom's birthday Sunday night by cooking out and then later with homemade vanilla ice cream :)  Yummo- Chris hit the jackpot when he got that for me for our anniversary.  We have been putting it to work!  Aside from that not much else is going on.  Trying to relax...going to get a pedicure with Aileen tonight after work which I am so looking forward to!  After tonight I'll definitely be ready, ha ha!  Have to make sure my toes are pretty for his arrival!

38 weeks

Classy bathroom shot!  Ha ha :)

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