Sunday, July 28, 2013

39 Weeks!

Aaaahhhhhh!!  I can't believe I'm finally 39 weeks!  Wander if this will be my last belly shot!?  I sure do hope so :)  No real signs of labor yet but I did clean like a crazy person this weekend.  We are as ready as we will ever be for baby boy to arrive!  I've really enjoyed this pregnancy and I can honestly say that I will miss it just being baby boy and me. is time to share him with the rest of the world!  I cannot wait to see him!  Hard to believe I've been dreaming about him for so long and now we are so close to meeting him!  I have started to dilate and thin but that can mean we are very close or still a week away!  Time will tell :)  Until then I'll enjoy these last few days I have with this little joy in my belly.  I already love him so much!

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