Saturday, July 13, 2013

Make Ahead Freezer Meals!

So today I tackled my to do list for the make ahead meals in preparation for Baby Elie's arrival!  Throughout this pregnancy I've been reading other pregnancy blogs, trying to find good idea's for organization, planning, and preparation for baby.  I guess with our future holding so many unknowns, I am comforted by doing what I can now, to plan and try to maintain some level of control of where our lives are headed these next few weeks and months.  I thought having meals on hand in the freezer for those nights when I don't feel like cooking, or when we have company would be so convenient, and definitely better than ordering out or eating store bought frozen dinners.  I amended each recipe to make it as healthy as I could.  Subbed whole wheat pasta, low fat cheese, reduced fat sour cream, fat free condensed soups, light mayo and wheat crackers.  I think paring these dishes with a steamed veggie or salad will make perfect dinners!  

I split my to do list by recipe's using chicken and beef.  Every thing that included chicken I made today, and will finish with the beef recipe's tomorrow.  With some swelling going on, I didn't want to be standing in the kitchen all day long.  Surprisingly, with an early start this morning, I whipped it out in no time!  I think the bulk of the work was in selecting recipes, making my shopping list, and actually shopping.  The cooking seemed to be much easier than I thought it would be!!  So, today I made the following: 

Hot Chicken Salad, recipe can be found here.
Buffalo Chicken Pasta Bake, recipe can be found here.
Chicken Mac & Cheese, recipe can be found here.
Hash brown Casserole, I use my own recipe for that one!

Just getting started!

I used aluminum disposable pans and heavy aluminum foil to store these in.  Then just used a sharpie to write what each one is, and the cooking directions right on the package.  They are already tucked away in our freezer downstairs!  Tomorrow I will finish up with a pan of Baked Ziti, and a Lasagna.  Yum!  I also have been trying to stock up on basic household items so we aren't running out of something annoying in the first couple of weeks.  I got a few extra things just to make our lives easier.  Right now we have tons of toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, solo cups, laundry detergent, and trash bags!  I know I'm probably overdoing it, I do realize that we live less than 5 minutes from a dollar store and small grocery store.  I'm sure at some point I'll be anxious to get out of the house to grab a thing or two, but at least until then, we will be all set!     

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