Friday, February 28, 2014

7 Months

Age: 7 months old

Birthday: July 31, 2013

Weight: No new stats.  

Length: Next appointment isn't until 9 months.  Right now that is scheduled for early May.

Sleep: Sleep with this little one is unpredictable!  For awhile he slept great at night, but now it's a night to night thing.  We never know how it's going to go.  Sometimes he's tough to get down for the night and others it's like he can't get in bed soon enough.  With all the sickness he had, that really worked a number on our night time habits.  When he was sick, he was waking a LOT at night.  Sometimes coughing, and other times just wanting to be held.  We are slowly getting back into a routine and he's just started sleeping better.    

My Bedtime: Bedtime now is anywhere from 8:30 to 9.  If he's been at daycare that day, we usually start bedtime a little earlier because he hasn't slept during the day.  If he's been at home with us, we can hold him off on bedtime until about 9 or so.  Same bedtime routine.  He gets a bath every other night and then pj's, swaddle, and bottle.  I have now started using Aveeno oatmeal body wash and shampoo.  It's really helped his dry little scalp.  We've had trouble with him scratching his head.  The Burt's Bee's just wasn't cutting it anymore.  We also tried Head and Shoulders at our pediatrician's recommendation but I think that was drying him out even more.  We have tried breaking him of the swaddle but that has not been successful at all.  The little guy loves being swaddled and will not settle down without it.  Not sure how or when we will stop using it.  Right now it's the only way any of us sleep! 

Favorite Toy: Truman is interested in pretty much everything at this point!  He loves tipping over his toy basket in the living room and playing with everything in it!  He has several stuffed animals in it, a couple of sock monkeys, a rattle, a ball, and a few other teething toys.  He also loves his bouncy seat and activity mat.

Clothes Size: He can still squeeze into a few 6-9 months outfits but is growing quickly into his 9 month clothes.  We are SO looking forward to spring and summer so we can ditch the footed sleepers and let those chubby little toes and thighs shine!

Diaper Size: Size 3 in Pampers Swaddlers.

Milestones Reached: He is starting to sit up by himself.  Not for long periods of time, but he can for a few minutes without toppling over.  Still not crawling but he is definitely mobile.  He rolls and flips where ever he wants to go.  He has also started spinning on his belly.  In just a couple seconds he can totally change what direction he is facing.

Firsts: He has had lots of firsts this month especially with food!  He has now had rice cereal, carrots, sweet potatoes, avacado, peas, green beans, and banana!  He HATES peas and green beans and LOVES banana!  Go figure, ha ha.  I can't really blame him.  He is starting to make new sounds and I cannot wait to hear his sweet little voice say Dada and Mama :)   

Best Mood: Truman is in an awesome mood in the morning and really throughout the day.  He gets cranky at night but I know it's because he is so worn out.  He loves being around people and tends to lose his mind if you leave him alone for roughly 2.3 seconds, ha ha.  He also loves riding in the stroller and now seems to really enjoy riding in the car and looking out the window. 

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