Saturday, March 1, 2014

Stepping up my home decor

I've been inspired by a few blogs lately and felt the need to update our entry way and dining room.  This long ass winter has left me feeling blah and I think our house was starting to reflect that.  With spring around the corner, I wanted something cheerful and inviting.  I've been contemplating curtains for the dining room for awhile now, but finding curtains that are 108 inches long at a reasonable price is no easy task.  I had a particular look I was going for, so after a lot of hunting, I found these monsters at JCPenney!  Caught them on sale so they weren't too bad.  

We also did a little rearranging and now I have a HUGE wall that is blank ;)  Chris is certain that emptying up this space was all part of my grand know, so I can find new things to hang!  While he isn't entirely wrong...I do want to take my time in deciding how to use this wall.  I'm thinking as we continue to grow our family, it would make a nice gallery wall to showcase favorite baby pictures of Truman, Chris and I, our parents, and grandparents.  That will require some serious planning so I'm in no hurry for that.  Right now, I'm just enjoying our updated dining room and foyer!  See what you think!  :)

Thought this wine rack would be more festive with a fresh layer of turquoise paint!

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